Drake CONFRIMS That Him And Rihanna Are A THING…Says they have been for a while now..


May 23 – Did drake just drunk tweet? He posted on his twitter a couple hours ago, his tweet said: “I can’t take it no more. i love her too much 💘 #Riri #Finally”

The tweet was only up for 15 minutes before being taken down.

We were able to get a screen shot before he deleted it off his twitter.


Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.33.09 AM

Why would you delete the tweet drake!! let all your fans know already !!!

They are so adorable together …


In 2013, Drake admitted on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that he and Rihanna “had their moment.” Well, it looks like they may have several moments.

After drake posting that status for 15 minutes i think we are safe to say they are a couple!

Congrats to them!! Tell us what you think in the comments below !!

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